Bayushi Tozen

Scorpion Clan Rikugunshokan


Born 1155
Becam Governor of High Pine Vale in 1172. Grew size of village despite location.
Became Rikugunshokan in 1174


(for more information, see this character in Era of the Heavenly Empress)

After marrying the 4th Daughter of the Soshi Damiyo, Tozen fathered a son, and three daughters. One was given in secret to the Unicorn to raise.

one of the political powerhouses of his generation, Tozen only feared Bayushi Yoshimi, who eventually became the governor of Ryoko Owari. When a new Clan Champion was needed, he comprimised with Yoshimi to avoid having his rival sieze it, or kill him to keep him from having it.

Years of military service have mellowed Tosen, who has become very serious.

Bayushi Tozen

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