Tsuma is the city famous for holding the annual Topaz Championship. Home to one of the largest dojo of the Kakita Dueling academy. A shallow river passes through the city, which is rarely used by anyone but the Crane for transport. Two major roads cross the city, one east-west, leading toward the Dragon and Seppun holdings, and the other southwest-northeast, leading to Lion lands and Phoenix lands. Both roads are heavily patrolled by Doji magistrates, and anyone arriving for the contest will likely have met several patrols during their travels.

Although Tsuma has grown much larger than most descriptions of it in literature and folklore, it is still a relatively small city, little more than a large village. There are no formal embassies maintained by other clans, since most only have business within the city once per year. The inn, like the city, is extremely crowded during the Championship.

Points of Interest

Wise Student Ryokan
The Laughing Carp Sake House
The Kakita Dueling Academy (Tsuma)

Topaz Championship

Nearby Locations


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