Toku Ancestral Blade


When pulled it summons 3 Bushi spirits from the realm of slaughter to fight alongside of the owner. Once the fight is over, you must duel each individually or die trying.


Damaged Toku family blade. Carried by an aspiring duellist in the Monkey clan with the goal to fix it an lift the curse.

Currently carried by Toku Hidayoshi

1202 Toku Hidayoshi managed to cleanse and repair the blade awakening the spirit inside by defeating the three duelists. Toku Hidayoshi should have succumbed to the injuries sustained in the fight but was saved by Red, who single handedly thwarted of the riders of Death to save his life.

The blade is now an awakened spirit. After meditation one can store an extra point of void in the blade and call on it in Blade related skills.

Toku Ancestral Blade

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