Toku Hidayoshi

Amethyst Champion and Duelest



Born 1175


From a very early age, Toku Hidayoshi was extremely competitive. Outwardly, it was playful and jovial, but internally it was the driving force of his life as failure will get you no where in Rokugan. To make things harder, he is from a minor clan. Most major clans think so little of minor clans, if they even think of them at all. He was going to have to stand out.

Lucky for him, he could ride the coat tails of his major clan friends. Namely his childhood friend Doji Kachikuya who pushed him, not only in poetry, but in Dueling. Their friendship was a driving light in his life. Years before their Gempeku, they decided to become “Enemies” because “all good stories have a nemesis” and they would play the part for each other.

Though he had great potential in Poetry as it came naturally to him, the same could not be said about Duelling. He found himself greatly outmatched by his Crane trained friend. Not to be outdone in anything, he poured his heart and soul into the art of Iaijutsu. Once immersed in the culture, he meet a young Hida Hara. She was truly a student of everything interesting and that interest was contagious. Hidayoshi was lost. This was the girl he would one day marry, or so he thought. At a Iaijitsu tournament, Hida Hara was goaded into a duel with a crane. Her temper raged at what the crane had done previously and during the duel to first blood, Hilda Hara killed her opponent. Though it may have been justified, the overall consensus was Hilda Hara was in the wrong. During the investigation into the issue, those that called her friend turned their backs on Hida Hara and, unfortunately, so did Toku Hidayoshi.

It wasn’t long before he regretted his actions but the damage was already done. Hara would never forgive him but that would not stop him from trying every chance he could to make up for his actions. He fought many a duel to defend her honour and found his true drive to be extraordinary in dueling. For he couldn’t afford to lose a duel defending the woman he loves.

As time went on, Hidayoshi’s fame was ever growing in poetry, Dueling, but as well as in the courts. He became a “Darling of the Courts” which granted him access to many Important events, meetings and people. His rise continued when he caught the attention of Hantei XL at the winter court of 1196 and received her blessing.

He spent the next five years working to spread his poetry, and increase his position to further help the Monkey Clan. He found very quickly that his influence with individual people could get the Monkey Clan into places that they were normally would have troubles accessing. In this respects he served as an envoy for the minor Clan Alliance to help not only the monkey but all the Minor Clans. Though he never held a title for the Minor Clan Alliance they valued his input, as long as he was respectful.

In the Year 1200 the Amethyst Championship was a competition of poetry, Doji Kachikuya and his rivalry was well established. Their fame and story overshadowed most other competitors. During the competition, Toku found his moment and presented a winning poem in front of the Empress and gained the Title of Amethyst Champion.

This timeline Currently in Progress


He now has heart set on the Emerald Championship and is working with everything he has to be the best candidate for the position.

Toku Hidayoshi

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