Togashi Irisu

Son of Akodo Iroden, raised by the monk Aerisu, taken in by the Togashi order of tattooed men, in the service of Mirimoto Lu, his closest friend and confidant.


Togashi tattooed man rank 1
Earth ring 2 willpower 3
Water ring 2
Fire ring 2 agility 3
Air ring 2 reflex 3
Void ring 3


Togashi Irisu is the son of Akodo Iroden and the hier to his taint which is the last seal on the prison of the foreign god Kali-Mah. Born in secret and raised by the monk Arisu in the Kitsune forest until Irisu made an enemy of one of the powerful animal spirits located with in and has since been cursed by the realm chikushudo. Aerisu took him to the dragons to seek protection for him, leaving his father’s wakizashi in the temple with in the forest that hates Irisu. The dragons understanding the terrible fate placed upon Irisu chose the Togashi order of tattooed men to prepare him for his trials in a life serving the empress. Upon recieving his first tattoo with the blood of Togashi his tattooer could see the lines of another tattoo, forming crossed arms across Irisu’s chest. The bloodof togashi could extend the barriers of the taint prison, however Irisu would have to resist the callings of jigoku while the arms remained free. After leaving the monestary Irisu met a young samurai in training, Mirumoto Lu. A wound had sealed Lu’s eyes shut yet he persisted with his bushi training, impressed by his determination Irisu took it upon himself to find a way to make his perceived weakness a strength. Irisu went through scroll after scroll in the dragon monestaries until he found one describing an atemi strike and flow of energies, he studied the scroll taking in all it had to offer. Upon returning to the school he found Mirumoto Lu about to participate in a practice duel, he approached Lu and explained his plan. Just before the duel started Irisu preformed the kiho banish all shadows. Mirumoto Lu’s eyes opened and he won the duel like hehad never lost his sight. Impressed Mirimoto Lu’s sensi recommened him for the topaz championship.

Togashi Irisu

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