Doji Akemi

Former Amethyst Champion


Born 1153
Children: Doji Kachikuya
Retired: 1193


Doji Akemi has become such a famous Crane poet that she was invited to the Empresses’ 1171 Winter Court based on her work, from The Heavenly Empress herself. She serves her clan as a diplomat, travelling, often giving gifts of poetry to her hosts.

Invited to Winter Court in 1171, she impressed the court with her work, and became highly sought after. To have an original work from her is considered to be extremely fortunate. She was skilled at both Poetry and Playwriting, and on several occassions, declined the invitations of the Kakita Artisan School, which hoped to include her among their students.

She continued to study several forms, including dance and acting. She enjoys writing and performing in Kabuki and Noh plays where she casts herself as Lady Matsu. Her enjoyment of this role is baffling to many of her crane peers.

In 1179 she won the Amethyst Championship. While the competition has been held three times since then, Doji Akemi one her first with Poetry, her second through Dance, and her third through an oral storytelling performance of the classic novel “Journey of a Single Strike”. Currently, oral storytelling has become the rage in artistic circles of the Empire.

In 1191, frustrated with the failures of Doji Goro, Doji Akemi used forged documents to attempt to have herself named Crane Clan Champion. In 1192, this errupted into a Civil War, where her Kakita, Lion and Scorpion Alliance battled Goro’s Diadoji Crab Alliance. With her forces laying Siege to Kyuden Diadoji, she was forced to call a truce when it was revealed that Iuchiban was rising again.

As part of the truce, she agreed to retire.

Doji Akemi

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