Bayushi Nasaru

Scorpion Clan Champion


Born 1175

Father Bayushi Ikku
Mother Bayushi Hikari

Married Bayushi Yumi 1192

Clan Champion 1198

Child Name Naseru
5th Kyu Geppuku at 1190 Topaz Championship


Every bit his father’s son, he has the same easy smile, and general disconcern for everything around him. He is betrothed to Bayushi Yumi, daughter of Bayushi Tosen, and is slated to compete in the 1190 Topaz Championship.

When his father retired, he became the next Scorpion Clan Champion. While he has been relatively sucessful in this role, some claim it is because he has inordinate luck. Others fear he is just a puppet for Bayushi Tozen

Bayushi Nasaru

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