Bayushi Miyuki

Daughter of Bayushi Tosen, an arrogant and aggressive Scorpion Bushi


Born in 1175
Given the name Bayushi Ame
Competed in the Topaz Championship in 1190
3rd Kyu

Married 1196

Parents: Bayushi Tozen
Bayushi Kita

Bayushi Yumi
Shinjo Tozenko

Bayushi Obato


Early Childhood

Born the child of Bayushi Tosen & Bayushi Kita, Bayushi Miyuki found herself struggling to live up to the expectations her father had for her.

Gempekku, the Topaz Championship 1190

To Hunt a Ronin

Scorpion Lands, a Father’s Judgement, a Truth Revealed

Phoenix Lands, The Dead and the Dying

After arriving at Toshi Ranbo, Miyuki was not surprised to find herself relieved of position as niten, especially as the majority of troops joining The Prince’s Glory were from Imperial families, chiefly the Seppun. Within a few days she set out with the rest of the unit for the Phoenix capital, with Doji Akemi joining them on their journey after asking them to escort her under their mandate of protecting anyone in service to the Empress.

Bayushi Miyuki

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