Bayushi Ikku

Scorpion Clan Champion


Born 1157

Isawa Sana 1172-1174
Bayushi Hikari 1174

Children (by Hikari)
Bayushi Nasaru 1175

Retired 1198


Born to the Shosuro Family, Ikku was an assistant to Bayushi Yoshimi for most of his early career. He was betrothed and married Isawa Kana to seal a Scorpion Pheonix deal. A few years later, Bayushi Paneki took ill, and Bayushi Tosen and Bayushi Yoshimi both had their eye on the Clan Chamionship. Realizing they would tear the clan appart if they fought for it, they both agreed on Ikku as an acceptable comprimize, as each felt they could conrol him. Kana took ill, and passed away, and Ikku was married to one of Bayushi Paneki’s daughter, who was named Champion after Paneki’s death. She went into retirement at an early age, and Ikku took over the mantle.

Bayushi Ikku

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