Born 1144

Siblings Toturi Sozen

Married Bayushi Siori 1171


Akodo Iroshi 1174
Retired 1194


Hoshi ascended to power when he slew the maho, Ikoma Benjiro, the Lion Clan Champion made him the Damiyo of the maho’s holdings. With his brother Sozen, and cousin Iroden, he led a small force and wiped out the remaining pockets of resistance.

Hoshi fell in love with Bayushi Siaori and risked his honour to be with her.

In 1170, he began the Fukuharashi tournament, a mixed kenjitsu and iajitsu tournament.
In 1171, he led a force into Unicorn lands, married Saiori officially.
In 1172, he continued to push in the Unicorn-Lion war. However, the Unicorn outmaneuvered the Lion, and he was one of the few commanders to bring his legion home. He was rewarded by being made heir to the Akodo family damiyoship and the Lion Clan Championship.

This came to pass quickly, as Akodo Shigetoshi retired at the end of 1173, during Winter Court, with Hoshi becoming not only the Akodo Damiyo, but also the Lion Clan Champion as a result.

Hoshi served his clan well as a military leader, but recognizing the tatical advantage that having a Scorpion born and trained wife had given him, he eventually began to study the art of the Ikoma Omoidatsu. While he generally leaves the Ikoma arts to his assistance, when it becomes necessary, a change will come over Hoshi, and he can act as his own Omoidatsu. These moments are fleeting, and many find them extremely disconcerting.

Hoshi served faithfully for many years, and retired when he felt his son, Akodo Iroshi, was ready to take up the mantle.


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