The Era of the Mountain Prince

The 1190 Topaz Championship

The Empire's most presitigious Gempekku

After years of training with the Kenku, Kakita Chibi Tore returned to proper society at the age of 13, to participate in the 1190 Topaz Championship in the City of Tsuma. He came alone, an searched the town for lodgings. At the The Laughing Carp Sake House, they suggested that he might be better served at the Wise Student Ryokan. At the Ryokan, he was infrmed the Crane Delegation had not prepared for him in their room, but they offered him space in the Shinsie room designated for Minor Clans.

Meanwhile, Togashi Iriso came to town, and decided his delegation would stay at the Sake House. He let the Ryokan know that he wouldn’t need his room there, and so the inn keeper moved Kakita Chibitore was moved to the Murimoto room.

Toku Noboru and his Sensei Toku Rabu came, and the son of the Scorpion Clan Champion, Bayushi Naseru told him about the Lonely Crane, who wasn’t allowed to stay with the other Crane. They needed to find out where he was staying, so they wrote an anonymous love letter, sealed it, and asked the inn keeper to deliver it. They followed him, and found where Chibitore was staying. They sat with him, and misunderstood him about his training, believing he was gaijin trained.

The other delegations continued to trickle in, with the largest suprise being when Bayushi Ame found that the Unicorn Shinjo Ai looked exactly like her. Toku Noboru suggested it may be one of Chibitore’s gaijin spells, and they needed to make sure he didn’t attack the Empress, who was in attendance.

During the athletics competition, Shinjo Ai fell into a muddy pit while racing Mirumoto Lu. She screamed in pain, and he went back to help her. It turned out she had been bitten by snakes. Lu helped her to the finish line, but when they arrived she told him to cross alone. Isawa Yamahito went to the mud, and found it was full of snakes. He removed them, and the competition continued.

That night, Kakita Ryujin tried to challange the dragon Mirumoto Hisashi to a duel. In the end, Lu accepted to defend the honour of his school, and the duel ended in a kharmic strike.

Naseru gathered as many students as he could, and brought them to the Sake house. Eventaully, a drinkin compettion broke out between Agashi Yu, Tamori Hana, and Hida Kotuzu. Tamori Hana won, an then lost in a followup competition to Irisu.

Akodo Siori tasked Akodo Hisaki to find the missing Lion contestant, Akodo Ryuzo. Hisaki checked the Sake House, the Ryokan, and eventually found that Ryuso had gone to visit his bethrothed’s father, Kakita Tadoshi. He had been allowed to bring his swords, and forgotten them at the door. Hisaki was forced to visit the house, leave his blades at the door, take the students, and then return, claiming he had forgotten his Daishio, in order to save face for his clan.

In the mornng, Agashi Yu had come to the Scorpions to beg help, as his father in law, Otomo Kyo, had arrived, and he was in no state to meet him. Ame agreed to help, but took one look at Kyo, changed her min, and brough him directly to Agashi Yu.

The weapons competition was sabatoged like the athletics competition. The bisento Tamori Hana used turned out to be sharpened, and she cut Chibitore with it in error. It turned out the weapon area had been set up the night before, so anyone had access to it.

In the hunting competition, Moto Xen, the brother of the Unicorn Clan Champion, Toku Noboru, and Bayushi Naseru were attacked by a group of ronin. They tried to fight them, but without their Daishio they were underarmed. Naseru threw a smoke bomb, and ran. Toku followed him, but realized Moto Xen hadn’t come. He went back and pulled the Unicorn with him.

When they told the story back at Tsuma, there was a great deal of concern. Toku Noboru and Kakita Chibitore both wanted to investigate, but they eventually decided it would be easier if they waited to the next day, after the iaijitsu tournment and the gempekku ceremony, when they were full Samuria and could carry their swords.

Moto Zhu invited the Monkey to dine with them that night, and enjoyed Noboru’s lack of manners. He rewarded him with an Utaku Steed.

In the Iaijitsu tournement, Kakita Chibitore beat Kakita Kyujin, to be the Champion. Bayushi Ame came in third, and Suzume Natsuki came in fourth.



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