The Era of the Mountain Prince

A Couple of Things

Just doing this fast.

Went to Toshi Ranbo, trained with Ruby Champion Ide Benkie.

Shogun Toturi Sozen traind Mirumoto Lu and promoted Akodo Hisaki to Gunso.

Kakita Kourutore meet Matsu Juri, who explained Tiru was a bad samurai, that Matsu Kara was a brave samurai who died honourably and Kakita Kara was someone different. Presented Kourutore with a Matsu ancestoral prayer tablet.

Went to Kyuden Asoko. Just before arriving, Emerald Magistrate Kitsuki Haruhi and her Sohei Gare came to bring them to the Village of Melting Snow, where she was attacked by the Goekon, Asoko Yatohime. When they arrived at the village, the peasants wouldn’t talk to the samurai. togashi Irisu was able to find out the peasants were congregating in a few central homes. Something was huning the edge of the village. The castle,wouldn’t let them in.

They set up a trap, and sent Irisu out in the night. Asoko Yatohime appeared, and tried to get him to come back to the castle. When the magistrates appeared.she attacked, and was identified as a bog hag, a monster which skins its victims and wears their form.

The Prince’s Glory went to the castle. and the gaurds fought them, while most of the samurai there escaped out the back. They captured a few of the gaurdsment, who admitted strange things had happened with their lord, but they didn’t realize she was tainted. Miyuki gaurded them and then allowed them to commite Seppku.

Kitsuki Haruhi, Togashi Irisu, Akodo Hisaki, Mirumoto Lu, and Kakita Kurutore went to find the Oni shaped door Kitsuki had seen before. Inside, they found a bunch of porcelon masks, and a group of zombies wearing masks trying to mine through the wall to a strange purple glow. They fought the zombies, but when one killed Akodo Hisaki, Mirumoto Lu, Kitsuki, Irisu fled, and Kourutore covered their escape. They locked the door and the zombies knocked out Kourutore out. Miyuki arrived, and demaned to go inside. Irisu and Kitsuki fought off the monsters while Miyuki pulled the bodies out, pleased to learn Kourutore was still alive.

They returned to Kyuden Asoko. Isawa Nyoko, a young pheonix shugenja, healed Kuroutore, and Doji Tokiuji had Kourutore prepare three reports, one for Asoko Kanube, the local family damiyo, the Emerald Champion and the Jade Champion.

At supper Suzume Natsuki let Toku Noburu that there was a rumour circling that Miyuki was too drunk to help at Melting Snow.

Asoko Kanube brought Kourutore in to settle an argument as to whether the Jade Magistrate Kuni Namaro or Asoko Inquisitor Asoko Inari should investigate. Kuni was very aggresive, cliaming the Asoko would just cover it up. Kuorotore insisted this was an imperial matter, insulting his hosts. Otomo Kyo stepped in, offering an expensive gift to smooth things over, and let Otomo know if he needed any help.

When they returned to the castle, they found that the masks and whatever was mined was stolen as soon as they left, by some strange three toed monster, and about 8 humanish followers, likely zombies. Kuni Namaro suggested the Prince’s Glory assist him in patroling the area to find the monsters. the new Gunso, the Shogun’s son Toturi Oki, agreed and committed half the unit.

A strange man appeared in Koroutore’s room in Kyuden Asoko, saying that there was a burden Akodo Iroden and KAkita Tiru’s family lines shared, but the Kakita had set it aside, and with Akodo Irisu dead, the Kakita needed to resume it. He gave Koretore a strange powder, which filled his mind with sinful thoughts, and four days later, brought the acomplished Geisha Momoko to sleep with him. She claimed the ghost of her father had commanded it.

The strange man, who turned out to be Usagi Ariso, returned, and said the woman was with child, and Koroutore was to keep her safe, and give the child his grandfathers wakazashi, which had a wrapped saya. Korutore made arrangements with his Kenku teachers to take Momoko when she began to show.



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